Zodiac : Aquarius
Gender : Female (She/Her)
Relationship status : Engaged (To the love of my life Johnny )
Breed:Rough Collie
Age :19
Location: FL
Interests : Singing , Digital Art , Painting , Makeup
Favorite animal : Horses
Pets: Pineapple Conure (KoKo) , German shepherd (Sammy) , Maltese (Nina) 3 Cockateils (Deedee, Pika , & Yoshi)

Aloha ! Welcome to my sniff , if you’re reading this I assume you’re interested in getting to know me a little better . Friends call me Ellie and now that you know that I guess you are my friend! I’ve been on Chatlands for a long time . Sense I was like 12 so I believe that would be sense 2012 or 2013. This place served as a refuge for me from the real world and is where I made the closest friends I’ve ever had. Sadly however people move on with their lives as they grow and I haven’t been able to contact them anymore but they were always there when I needed them throughout my childhood and I thank them greatly. Chatlands is so special to me, I really love its concept and I can spend hours talking to friends . As a result of this great love for it I wanted to create my own Chatland and put all my ideas into it, it has been on my bucket list for a very long time but now that I’m 18 I can finally make that dream come true and I’m working on it :) . I can’t take all the credit for my Chatlands idea , it was my old friends and I that would dream of one day owning it together . I also thank Kata my sites co-owner because without her things would be so much harder!

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