C a n i n e C a r i b b e a n
Welcome to my Chatlands box ! Here I will tell you all you need to know about it ♥


Status :Currently the Chatland is under construction and won’t be open until further notice .

However , when it does open I will be super excited to see you there ! When I thought about creating CanineCaribbean I was thinking about the two things that make me the most happiest . My dogs and going on a cruise vacation to Hawaii or the Bahamas (which I haven’t been able to do yet :( ) . Chatlands is one of my favorite hobbies and combining these two things will create an environment I believe everyone will grow fond of. Back in the days Chatlands was so populated and the rooms weren’t dead , with CanineCaribbean I plan to bring back the old Chatlands days !

Hop on one of our finest cruises and adventure to our Canine Island! Once your paw touches our pure white sand and your snout smells the fresh sea breeze you won’t want to leave ! Thats ok though, because our island is completely free , and there’s no need to pay to enjoy our paradise. Create a family and meet new friends , buy or draw your own character . Don’t worry our lifeguards and Police men and woman are at your service if any problems present themselves so lay back and relax on your personal hammock and sip on one of our special blue lagoon Hawaiian inspired sodas.
On my island you will get to choose between a variety of different dog breeds from our Breed Shop on a free subscription and if you want to be a Canine of Pedigree we have larger fluffier breeds for Basic and Ultimate Subscriptions . You’ll get to enjoy tropical themed environments and sounds on a beautiful island all while getting to make friends and show off your poses and artwork. Our incredible poses, rooms , and community will teleport you to that vacation you’ve always desired without having to leave your home. Here we’ll warmly take you in as one of our own , explore our underwater rooms , cozy fireplaces by the beach , aquariums , and water parks that will be opened for your enjoyment day and night ! Please Join us as soon as it’s open and if you’d like sign up for our forums to stay updated on community announcements and the construction status here is the link. ( Links coming soon)

-Collie (Alpha-Owner)
-Kata (Alpha-CoOwner)

Our Administration Applications will be opened upon the completion of our forums.